Pre-registration for standstill DS-Smith

    Coronavirus COVID-19

    If it is not possible to make the declaration below, access to our factory premises will not be approved.

    declares, at your own risk, the following::

    1. He / she is currently NOT suffering from Corona (Covid-19).

    2. He / She is currently NOT having any of the following symptoms:

    • Flu symptoms with shortness of breath
    • Temperature rise above 37.2°C
    • persistent cough

    3. He / She acknowledges the rules of DS Smith set out below.

    Is currently filled in, to be handed over to the security service when entering the factory.
    The ID is marked accordingly.

    Measures to minimize the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19)
    for external companies during the standstill

    In order to keep the risk of infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) as low as possible, we have set up a few rules that must be observed.

    • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from people
    • If this is not possible, it is essential to wear a face mask.
    • Therefore, a sufficient number of mouthguards (mask or mouth-nose protection) must be brought and kept available for each employee.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly after arriving at the factory (30 seconds, soap, warm water)
    • Contact with DS Smith employees is to be avoided (exception is your contact person)
    • Only move around the factory premises in the areas for which you work
    • Only use the sanitary rooms (toilets, changing rooms, showers) in the containers provided. All others are reserved for DS Smith employees.
    • Frequent, thorough hand washing (30 seconds, soap, warm water)
    • Cough label (cough or sneeze into the crook of the elbow)
    • Cleaning or disinfecting materials and devices that are used by several people

    Compliance with these rules is monitored by DS Smith and non-compliance can lead to a factory expulsion.

    If you have any questions, please contact your DS Smith contact person or the

    Safety & Environment Department:
    Mr. Belz 0173 6400 136
    Mr. Reis 0173 6400 167

    Let us take care of each other. Stay healthy!